On using CG publisher

A few nights ago I finished typing up my learning element on the new CG publisher website.

Like any new thing, it takes a while to get used to the changes.

The web interface is easy to use, and I found it simple to move activities around.  I got a bit frustrated though because I couldn’t add a table or draw an example of a Venn diagram.   Prue and I both agreed that we need a nicer font than Times New Roman.  It is just so ‘passe’!

Aside from small functional details what I really like about the web interface is that it creates an absolutely fantastic forum to collaborate and share my work with colleagues from across the globe.   Learning elements always end up being chunky documents, full of pictures, scaffolds, teaching tools and diagrams which make them too large to send by email.   With the CG publisher website they can always be there, always available and easily accessed by colleages and shared with anyone.  It is this sharing of well designed curriculum and pedagogy that is a really important part of affecting change in educational practice.

At Lanyon we have been using the Learning by Design Framework for a number of years.   Each year new teachers start and we share our learning elements, providing them with a plan and method to use as they settle into the school.  While this does not always communicate a wider understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of LbD, it documents what our school values as best practice, setting an expectation for the way in which teaching and learning will take place.   I guess you could say that when the teachers first start using a learning element they are ‘experiencing the new’.   For true understanding to take place they need to be supported by mentoring and coaching so that they can conceptualise, analyse and eventually create their own learning elements.

Maybe we should write a learning element about how to use and write a learning element and then publish it on CG publisher.  That way everyone learning to write learning element could learn with the knowledge processes.   Now that would be a great way for us to share this pedagogical framework.