now I am done… or is it just the beginning?

This week I logged in for my last online masters session.   I still can’t believe that the two years have flown by so quickly.

When I first started, I was mind boggled by the complexity of the online sessions, listening, reading and responding to texts and flicking though different webpages whilst simultaneously writing messages and talking, required me to develop the innate skills of a modern teenager.  During our last session, I was thinking about this, and reflecting on how comfortable I have become with the medium.   The flexibility of the online environment was incredible, I participated in online sessions whilst at school, at home, at the beach, on a family holiday to Queensland and even from Istanbul in the middle of the night.    The structure of the course meant that I could easily fit it in around my already busy life.  My trusty macbook and an internet connection meant that no matter where I was in the world, I could continue to participate in the courses.

Along with this, the development of the cg learner website meant that I can now share my designs for learning with my colleagues on the other side of the world as easily I do with my colleagues at school.  The website provides me with a digital document of what I am teaching.    Now, no matter where I am, I can access and edit my work.   I can easily collaborate with multiple  authors to review and evaluate our designs for learning and most importantly create a document which others can easily pick up and use in the classroom.

Although I had been working with Learning-by-Design as a planning tool for several years, I had never really thought in depth about why it worked so well in the classroom.  Teaching is such a busy profession, I tended to just jump from project to project in a desperate attempt to keep up with the work.   The masters program forced me to slow down and really think about the nature of learning, the principles that lie behind Learning-by-Design and the way that these intertwine with the development of new technologies.   Perhaps, most importantly, the course reminded me of the greater social goals that are inherent in teaching.    The fact that teaching in a modern classroom should be about ensuring that all learners have the skills and understandings necessary to participate positively and productively in a our perpetually evolving global knowledge society.

So while I am writing this final reflection for the course,  I know that this is not the end.   I will write many more learning elements, and continue to review and develop the ones I have already written.  My professional journey will continue down this path, ever learning, ever evolving and always seeking to improve…